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Perfect beachy wave curl!

I put this in for about 5 hours and had a perfect beach wave curl! I was SO impressed with how well it worked and how nice the curl turned out. I’m so excited to have a heat-less option for fabulous curls!!!

Very soft love it

Love it ! Love how soft it is and you don’t even feel it ontop if your head. Genius !


I can’t believe it took me so long to buy one! It has been so easy to use, comfortable to sleep in, and the curls are so pretty! This photo is after a long day of chasing a toddler and the curls are still very much intact! Highly recommend!

Cozy Curlband - Vanilla
Kayla Pflugfelder
Love it!

Works well on my long fine hair! Still practicing the techniques but so far I really like it!

Very impressed!

I love my curlband! It’s the most comfortable one out there if you’re planning to sleep in it! It’s the perfect length too. I’ve tried heartless curls with a few different “bands” and this has by far left me with the best curls! It’s worth it. You wake up, take them out and have beautiful hair! The curls lasts for days too! Much longer than with my iron. Try it!

Soo soft!

After watching the video, it took a couple tries to figure out how I liked it in my hair. But suuuper easy to use. And it’s soo soft! Suuuper happy with my purchase and excited to share with my sisters & friends my new find!

Not easy

This is definitely not easy to use, there is a big learning curve. The videos make it look easy, but it’s not. Maybe because I have fine, thick hair. I’ve only used it once, but will continue to practice. Hopefully I get it!

So easy!

I have been using this on my teenage daughter. It definitely took a few time to learn what works best for her hair. She has very thick long hair and we learned that it has to be 90-95% dry when we put it in her hair. But overall it’s great and very comfortable for her to use.

Amazingly product and fantastic customer service

It’s hard to find great customer service these days but not through this company. Rachel could not have been more understanding and helpful! The product is hands down amazing!

Great Product - wish it was silk

Overall I have loved using it and I use it multiple times a week! The only thing that would make it 5 stars for me is if there was a silk or satin cover to help reduce frizz!

Cozy Curlband - Olive
Daniele Bales

I have been losing hair like mad, so I have been trying everything to get nice curly/wavy hair without using heat. I’ve tried many other products and none of them give my hair (lasting - and I mean a few days) curls like this product does. I’d say it’s a bit pricey, but it’s cheaper than any nice curling iron and you save tons of time getting ready in the morning. So happy I bought myself one of these!!!!

Cozy Curlband - Mocha
Maren Atkinson
Works well and is very comfortable to sleep in!

This heatless curl ban works really well and didn't give me any problems to sleep in. The only drawback for me would be the price. The products are kind of expensive for what they are. But overall, really glad I purchased one!

Cozy Curlband - Olive
Catherine Prieto-Quan
Worked Great!!!

After a bit of trial and error, I was able to put my hair around the product. It didn’t move while I slept and came out beautifully!!

It's great!

It's very easy to use and really nice to not have to do my hair in the morning. It takes me about 5 minutes to wrap around and is great for when I'm in a hurry.

Cozy Curlband - Mocha
Mary Fairchild
Love it

Got this for my daughter who wants to curl her hair but I wanted to save her from heat damage. Love it, does a great job.


This is my favorite heatless curl product I have tried! It is so comfortable to sleep in and the curls come out amazing

Works great!

There’s a learning curve but it’s pretty forgiving. Beautiful curls.

Time saver!

I love it! Makes my morning routine significantly faster as my hair is ready to go. The curls are great and last all day! I was nervous about sleeping in it but it’s super comfortable! Highly recommend!

Buy this now!

I’ve tried so many curling devices and this is the simplest quickest and most comfortable. Even with my cpap head strap. I am so pleased with the wave in the curl as well. I’m buying these for all the females in my family.

For Da Wife

She really loves the things that I bought her. She was extremely excited about the spray bottle.

Cozy Curlband - Vanilla
Lindsey Burggraff

I love it! It took some practice wrapping but once I got the hang of it it’s so easy. I love how the curls turn out in the morning with very little effort!!

LOVE it!

I’ve followed Rachel for a few years now and tried a handful of the tutorials she had on her IG and enjoyed them, but the Cozy Confidence takes it to the next level. It’s so much more comfortable then anything else I’ve tried. And to top it off the curls are perfect, bouncing, and the wrap allows more forgiveness for those who aren’t great working with hair (Hi, It’s me!) Thank you so so much! I use my Cozy almost every night in my hair since I’ve gotten it! Best purchase EVER!!

Cozy Curlband - Oatmeal
Christina Russom

Cozy Curlband - Oatmeal

It works on thick hair!

I have a lot of thick hair and it is hard to curl, and often doesn't last but this thing really works! I spray my hair a little to get it just a little damp first and it makes beautiful waves, I love it

Cozy Curlband - Oatmeal
courtney scarberry
Absolute lifesaver!

As someone who suffers from chronic illness, pain, fatigue, and nerve damage this is an absolute lifesaver. Saves so much effort, time, and energy that I just don’t have but still gives me those beautiful curls! It’s so comfortable to wear and sleep in, I didn’t even notice it!