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Cozy Curlband - Brown Sugar

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Scrunchies Sold Separately

The Coziest curlband!  It's fluffy, soft, and so comfy to sleep on! Creates effortlessly bouncy, beautiful, healthy curls! Scrunchies sold separately.

The Long and Luscious length is great for medium to long hair babes or thick, full hair. The longer length and wider band gives you the perfect voluminous curls.

The Short and Sassy length is great for short to medium hair babes and on thin or fine hair. Also works great for kids hair of all lengths!  The 1.5-inch width is slightly narrower, which ensures your shorter hair will wrap all the way around and stay secure while you sleep.

Cozy Confidence Curlband Size Chart

Customer Reviews

Based on 485 reviews
Martha Cox
Love how comfortable this is to sleep in!

I couldn't get over how comfortable this was to sleep in! I've tried a lot of hateless curls, and this is by far my favorite. I will be buying another one for my sister for Christmas. 🙂

Loving it so far

Loving the product so far. Practicing the techniques to get the perfect curls.


Awesome heartless hair curler! Beyond happy that I purchased this.

Stephanie V
The best curls!

So easy to use and I wake up with my hair ready to go! My daughter stole mine so I had to order another :)

Rachel R
So comfortable

I have used other heatless curlers for 2 years and I’m so happy I found this. I’m a side sleeper and since these bands aren’t as rounded they are a lot more comfortable to sleep in and don’t bother my neck. I bought both the short and long even though I have long hair because the short is a smaller diameter which allows you to get a tighter curl. I love this since it allows me to have some variety in how my hair is curled without having to use a curling iron!

Mikaela P
Just buy it!

If you have been thinking about buying one, just do it! You will be so happy with it. Nothing better than waking up with perfect hair! I do have long hair so it was perfect!

Jennifer B
Takes practice and then it’s amazing!

I bought a heatless curl band from Amazon to try it out first. It worked. However I continued to follow Cozy Confidence on Instagram and was seeing great stories/videos of this product. I took advantage of a sale and bought a curl band (along with scrunchies, spray bottle, a clip and the brush) Wow the brush is amazing even trying to comb through wet hair! The softest brush ever! After my first use of this curl band- I was happy with my purchase. So soft and comfortable to sleep in!
I don’t use it every day because some days - my hair just goes up in a bun. But when I do use the curl band it saves so much time and it’s a healthy option for my hair not having to use heat! The longer I wear it the better the curls.
It takes practice to get it right and I’m glad I didn’t give up after the first try. A little pricey compared to versions on Amazon. But a great product. I purchased the black band that is for longer hair and probably could have purchased the one for short hair based on how I wrap my hair on the band. Overall- great product.