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Cozy Curlband - Leopard

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Scrunchies Sold Separately

The Coziest curlband!  It's fluffy, soft, and so comfy to sleep on! Creates effortlessly bouncy, beautiful, healthy curls! Scrunchies sold separately.

The Long and Luscious length is great for medium to long hair babes or thick, full hair. The longer length and wider band gives you the perfect voluminous curls.

The Short and Sassy length is great for short to medium hair babes and on thin or fine hair. Also works great for kids hair of all lengths!  The 1.5-inch width is slightly narrower, which ensures your shorter hair will wrap all the way around and stay secure while you sleep.

Cozy Confidence Curlband Size Chart

Customer Reviews

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Wow! Love The Cozy Confidence Curls!

I'm so impressed with this product! So much so that I bought one for my three daughters and two daughters-in-law for Mother's Day! They were all thrilled! I love how healthy my hair feels without using heat. Once you get the hang of it, it is pretty fast. And I wake up with perfect hair. ( I perfected it on the third try!) And I would definitely recommend the silk scrunchies, they keep your hair from getting a funny kink at the end of your curls.

Thank you so much for your kind review Kathie! We are so happy you love the curl band as much as we do!

orville tootenbacher

love it! it works!

Jodi Miell
Beautiful & easy

The and is so soft and easy to wear. Really love the curls!

Jacob Shuman
Watch out for duties in Canada

I’m not sure how the product itself is just yet. I bought this for my girlfriend but the duties on the product was more expensive than the product itself and the shipping cost about 16-17. If your in the US i’m sure this won’t be as much of an issue but be aware if your outside of the US you may ultimately be paying roughly double the price of the curl and just for shipping and duties.

Ellie Swanson

I’ve debated getting these for months. Loved the idea but not convinced it would work with my thick heavy hair. Oh boy was I wrong and I’m kicking myself for not getting them sooner!

Ellie, I am so glad you love the curl band just as much as we do!
Thank you so much for your kind review!

Totally Shocked

I have tried many a "heatless" curl method, and every time I end up with crazy Shirley Temple hair or drowned rat hair. I went out on a limb with this with pretty low expectations but high hopes. I still haven't perfected the wrap, but I'm shocked my hair actually comes out with beautiful loose curls most of the time, and I am impressed enough that I actually enjoy my long hair again (I was about to chop it or start coloring it again because I just don't have time to curl it every day with young kids around, and this has saved me from both!). I really appreciate that it's quick and easy each morning to just pull it out, fluff my hair and be on my way. For my naturally wavy hair, I have found that starting with totally dry hair, a tiny spray of water and then leaving it overnight works best. Even 80% dry post shower hair overnight didn't dry completely for me. For those unsure, I would watch the videos multiple times and give yourself a good 5-7 times to try it before you knock it. Each time my wrapping method has improved, so it definitely has a little learning curve. That being said, I would totally buy this product again, and have already recommended it to friends and when my sister visits this weekend, I'm totally trying it in her hair because it's a great product.

I have also tried straight up robe curls with my microfleece bathrobe, and these curls came out much nicer for me. I also felt that this product was a LOT more comfortable to sleep on. I'm not exactly sure what fabric this is made of, but it's super soft and fluffy. Could you make it yourself? Yeah, probably. But by the time you go to the fabric store, find the right fabric, drag out your sewing machine you've already got a lot of time (and money because fluffy fabric isn't cheap) invested. I do wish it came with the scrunchies, but we've all got a few laying around anyway. For me, this product was a lot about investing in the owner (a former neighbor of mine) and helping support a small business. I'm happy I did!

Thanks for sharing this product!

Ashley Christian
overpriced for a piece of fabric.

Honestly guys, this is just a piece of fuzzy fabric.
You can go to Joanns and buy matching material and cut a strip off of it and it’s the same exact thing.
That’s not to say that this doesn’t do what it says it does, and obviously just buying it already made is easier, but it’s like $40…..for a piece of fabric…. and it doesn’t even come with the scrunchies you need.
Honestly, it just should be much cheaper for what it is.