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Cozy Silk Scrunchie Set

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Our Cozy silk scrunchies help prevent breakage and secure your hair without leaving awkward bends in the ends. Comes in a pack of two.

Customer Reviews

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Love the scrunchies! Matches perfectly

So soft, my hair loves them!

These are so soft and great for your hair. I have less breakage with the silk scrunchies.

Chelsea Miller
So soft and easy to use!

I love the Cozy band! It is extremely soft and WAY more comfortable to sleep in than some name brands. This really works well!! I’ve only used it a couple of times, so I’m still trying to get the hang of it. So my only gripe is that sometimes my “curls” aren’t curls, but more waves than anything. But I am sure it is all technique! I highly recommend watching all of the helpful videos that are provided on the website. Will definitely recommend to all of my friends!

Kara Carter
Holds hair in place!

These are soft and holds the hate in place well! Great complimentary item to go with the curl band from here that I purchased!

Stephanie Montes
Love the concept - not great for our hair type

I really wanted this to work for my & my daughters hair - unfortunately it just didn’t work great. I watched all the tutorials & tried it for a week - may try it again but for now went back to the curling iron…


I ordered a set of the scrunchies and got 2 scrunchies! I was expecting 4-6, going by the pictures. No where does it say 2 in a set, nor to pic a color. Pretty deceptive. They are nothing special for $8. Mine ended up being black because, again, did not say to pick a color. I thought I would get the "whole set"-every color!

Selena Howard

Cozy Silk Scrunchie Set