Our Story

Rachel Sisneros

Our Story:

I knew hot tools were the culprit for my dead, dry, broken ends. I wanted long healthy hair so bad, so I decided to ditch the heat and hosted my first "No Heat November" (2019) and invited my friends to join in!

It was a hit!!  I spent the next year trying out all the different heatless methods!  It was so fun, but SO hard to sleep in them! From foam rollers to socks, we tried it all!! They took so much time to put in, and sleeping in them often lead to painful headaches the next day. But beauty is pain....right??

In April 2021 I created my own curlband!! It was sooo soft and comfy and made the absolute perfect curls every time!!

My friends asked me to sell them so they could have effortless curls like mine! But I was too nervous!! I was a new single mom and didn't know the first thing in making or selling my own product. Finally in December 2021 (after many more requests) I launched a pre-sale and I was shocked at the demand!! I knew this was bigger than I had ever imagined!

Here we are almost years later and we have sold thousands of Cozy Curlbands in 30 different countries around the world!!  I am so proud that all of our Curlbands are MADE here in the USA.

Our Curlband is saving thousands of women and little girls so much time getting ready, damage from hot tools, and giving them an instant boost of confidence every single morning!! It's truly life changing!

I am so honored to be a small part in helping YOU feel a little more confident & beautiful!! Thank you for trusting me with your hair!

Love, Rachel Kitto

CEO and Founder of Cozy Confidence